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Spectrum of colours and cultures in watercolours by famous international watercolour artists at second International Watercolour Master Show, 2018 delighted the art lovers. The show was inaugurated here at a local hotel. Later on the exhibition was displayed for art enthusiasts at Artciti gallery, Karachi.

The exhibition titled "Hues of Diversity II" consists of artworks by twenty four famous artists from different corners of the world was arranged in collaboration with the International Watercolour Society Pakistan (IWS).

The objective of this exhibition was mainly to promote watercolour in Pakistan and to introduce art lovers with a broad range of different techniques used in this particular medium. The diverse palettes of artists made the entire exhibit more intriguing to the eye and educate people in the use of watercolour in different countries and cultures.

There is a need to bring a change in the way watercolour art is perceived by creating opportunities for artists to face challenges by providing them platform to showcase their art.

World class watercolour masters showed their miraculous skills that made them proficient artists. As art has the potential to promote peace, love and harmony this type of exhibitions including international artists can be used to promote peace, love and harmony between nations also.

Each artist beautifully highlighted diverse aspects of life in vibrant tones. Inspired by culture and natural beauty artists portrayed the daily lives of villagers as well as city dwellers. From vibrant village culture to descriptive portraits all the paintings were intricately painted and skilfully expressed emotions and simplicity of the local life of the country to which the artist belonged.

Each of the painting was brimming with expressions. The artists well played with light and shadows in their paintings to create feelings and situations. From lively landscapes to old man portraits there was every mood in paintings for the art lovers. The artists showed the complexities as well as simplicity of life through their artworks.

The paintings were the representation of the lifestyles of common people of different countries, thus a first hand knowledge about cultures and traditions of various countries was gained by the viewers through paintings.

Each work narrated a story of the rich traditions and cultures the society of a particular region offer. The painting created a synthesis of past and present time and in so doing preserve an important segment of their country's heritage.

The artists portrayed their traditions broadening understanding of their traditions and cultures to other country's people and thus bring close different people belonging to various regions and civilizations together sharing their experiences and vision of life in the present time.

The traditional motifs were used by the artist appropriately with a modern sensibility. Along with innovation in colour, shape and form artists conveyed messages of love, peace and hope. The artists created strong and soft hues in their compositions according to the themes making each of the painting pleasing and attractive.

An impressive and diverse display of paintings was a treat for watercolour painting fans. The paintings leave a lasting impression on some viewers while others find it an absorbing experience. People take keen interest in paintings reflecting different countries through watercolours. In a way viewers go around the world by going through paintings at the gallery.

Hence such exhibitions bring together artists so that the art enthusiast can see and appreciate the work of outstanding watercolour artists from all over the world. The paintings contributed by the artists at the exhibition were from various countries including Turkey, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Brazil, India, Serbia, Italy, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. The artists are well known in their own countries including our very own watercolour masters.

The artists participated included: A. H. Rizvi, Abdul Hayee, Akram Dost, Ali Abbas, Atanur Dogan, Cuneyt Senyavas, David Poxon, Eudes Correia, Fu Man Yat, G. N. Qazi, Ghulam Hussain, Hajra Mansoor, Ilya Ibryaev, Javed Tabatabi, John Salminen, Linda Doll, Nadir Mohazabnia, Nicolas Lopaz, Pasqualino Fracasso, Qudsia Nisar, Rajat Subhra, Sanjay Desai, Sasa Marjanovic and Ze Ze Lai.

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