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Foreign direct investment in Pakistan rose by 132 percent to $340.8 million in February 2018 as compared to $146.7 million in the same month in 2017. According the State Bank of Pakistan''s current data issued Friday, FDI increased by 15.6 percent to $1.94 billion during the first eight months (July 2017 to February 2018) of current fiscal year against $1.68 billion came in the corresponding period last year.

Total foreign investment increased by 84.5 percent to $4.299 billion in the first eight months of current fiscal year. Only in the month of February 2018, total foreign investment rose by 39 percent to $285 million. According to SBP''s country-wise data, China remained the single largest country with a big volume of foreign investment. An investment of over $174.4 million came from China in February while $87.4 million from United Kingdom, $32.5 million from Hong Kong, $9 million from Switzerland and $8 million came from Italy during this month.

The highest amount of $86 million of FDI came in the construction sector in this month, $82.9 million in power sector, $65.2 million in food sector, $34.1 million in transportation sector and $19.7 million in financial businesses sector. The electronics sector attracted $16.3 million and $15.6 million came in the oil and gas exploration sector.

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