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The weather report on Sunday (October 21, 2007) and the forecast for Monday (October 22, 2007).


Cities Max Min Humidity Rain


Abbotabad 25°C 13°C 78% 07

Abbotabad 25°C 10°C 39% Nil

Attock 31°C 15°C 47% Nil

Bahawalnagar 36°C 18°C 21% Nil

Bahawalpur 32°C 17°C 59% Nil

Bannu 33°C 16°C 38% Nil

Chitral 28°C 04°C 20% Nil

D.I.Khan 31°C 17°C 42% Nil

Dera Ghazi Khan 34°C 19°C 31% Nil

Faisalabad 30°C 17°C 56% Nil

Gawadar 33°C 16°C 66% Nil

Gilgit 26°C 04°C 53% Nil

Gujranwala 31°C 14°C 35% Nil

Hyderabad 34°C 22°C 52% Nil

Islamabad 30°C 13°C 64% Nil

Jhelum 32°C 17°C 46% Nil

Jacobabad 34°C 21°C 41% Nil

Khuzdar 30°C 15°C 17% Nil

Kalat 28°C 02°C 20% Nil

Karachi 32°C 24°C 68% Nil

Kohat 33°C 16°C 34% Nil

Lahore 31°C 15°C 49% Nil

Larkana 37°C 18°C 31% Nil

Mandi-Bahaudin 32°C 17°C 53% Nil

Mianwali 32°C 16°C 28% Nil

Multan 33°C 16°C 40% Nil

Murree 20°C 10°C 63% Nil

Muzaffarabad 31°C 14°C 36% Nil

Nawabshah 37°C 13°C 40% Nil

Peshawar 31°C 15°C 56% Nil

Parachinar 19°C 06°C 63% Nil

Quetta 26°C 05°C 15% Nil

Rawalpindi 31°C 14°C 49% Nil

Sargodha 31°C 16°C 42% Nil

Sialkot 31°C 16°C 49% Nil

Sibbi 38°C 16°C 30% Nil

Skardu 18°C 04°C 44% Nil

Sukkar 36°C 19°C 31% Nil

Thatta 37°C 17°C 25% Nil

Turbat 38°C 18°C 41% Nil

Zhob 29°C 06°C 14% Nil

Ziarat 23°C 00°C 20% Nil




Sunset: 05:57 pm (Monday)

Sunrise: 06:34 am (Tuesday)

Moonset: 02:13 pm (Monday)

Moonrise: 03:56 pm (Tuesday)


Temperatures: In Degree C

Forecast: Dry weather likely to persist in most parts of the country.

Islamabad: Islamabad Dry 12°C

Karachi: Karachi Partly Cloudy 19°C

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