Tuesday, February 7th, 2023
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This is apropos a Business Recorder news item "India clampdown hits Kashmir's Silicon Valley: At least 3 top business leaders arrested" carried by the newspaper yesterday. The newspaper, in my view, has effectively highlighted a very important issue in relation to over two-month-long curfew and other restrictions on the people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir. How ironic it is that "The coffee machines have been cold, computer screens blank and work stations empty for two months in occupied Kashmir's Silicon Valley as an Indian communication blockade on the troubled region takes a growing toll on business".

The other day, this newspaper highlighted another key aspect of the Kashmir siege by informing its readers that the entire harvest of Kargil has been rotting because its main market which is in the occupied valley has not been witnessing business transactions for over two months. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) in particular must take notice of this situation.

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