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Sindh government is likely to make it mandatory to install tracking device in all motorcycles across the province costing an additional Rs 4000 to 5000 on unwanted tracker service.

Sources unveiled that the Sindh Transport Department moved a summary to Chief Secretary on Sep 03 who has forwarded this summary to Home Secretary which commented that citizens' privacy would be compromised and this issue would be opposed as public have not accepted this idea. However, the Ministry of Transport is said to likely proceed with the decision of installing mandatory tracker in motorcycles.

Not only this would be an additional financial burden but millions of the bike riders would also be forced to compromise on their privacy as the private tracker company would have access to their details (home/business/personal information) and vested interest can get advantage of it.

The news of govt's plan to mandatory trackers in motorcycles has brought additional worries to already inflation trodden citizens of Karachi. With worsening traffic conditions, motorcycle has become only choice of working class for the daily commute in Karachi. A motorcycle owner, Arsalan said this would not be tolerated and called it as 'ghunda tax.' He also lamented that if authorities cannot provide us convenience then they have no right to make such illogical hatches for the poor to appease some loved one company for the contract. He also said that is digital era and every opinion could easily assessed by sending it in public social platform. If I am wrong thousands of other posts would put the mirror for them on social pages.

Another rider, Arman added that we are already hit by hike in petroleum prices and maintenance cost of the bike is also expensive. In such a situation, it is almost impossible for us to bear additional burden of tracker installation.

According to the contract of most of the tracker companies, they are not responsible if theft occurs in an area where there are no GSM signals available. Further there is a condition which says the tracker company would assist in vehicle recovery but is not responsible for that. There is also a condition which makes it binding on a motorcycle user to maintain not only a functional but also fully charged battery in his motorcycle, failing which tracker company would not be responsible for any theft.

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