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"Reality has come home to roost at long last."

"Reality doesn't come home to roost silly."

"What job are you gunning for? Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)?"

"How did you conclude that from my statement?"

"Our Governor is also rather partial to keeping up with the textbooks rather than assessing reality as it exists in Pakistan and then deciding on the most appropriate decision. I mean only four months after he was selected as Governor SBP there are rumblings among the business community and the general public, has to be a record..."

"You don't keep with the textbooks, you keep with the Joneses..."

"If the Egyptians are the new Joneses then..."

"Oh dear me, you are in a facetious mood today."

"Seriously, though when you pointed out that it is chickens who come home to roost then I agree with you, a couple of chickens have returned home to roost and..."

"I said don't be facetious; besides let me share a fact with you. Total world population of humans is around 7.7 billion as of April 2019 and the chicken population is more than 20 billion..."

"And this is in spite of the fact that the 7.7 billion rather enjoy eating chicken?"

"You will get yourself into trouble."

"Sorry, anyway what I really wanted to say was that reality has come home to roost at last because the civil military establishment is on the same page as never before in our history which is giving positive results, and this is fairly evident with respect to foreign affairs - with a spill-over effect on the economy, remember the over 10 billion dollars procured from friendly countries!"

"Right and the establishment has a role in the National Security Council, as appropriate."

"And in the National Development Council..."


"Remember the 10 billion dollars plus borrowed because the civil military establishments were on the same page?"

"I get it."

"About time."

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the author

Anjum Ibrahim has a BA in Economics from Vassar College and an MSC from the London School of Economics. She has worked in a multilateral institution and has been associated with Business Recorder for a long time and currently holds the post of Resident Editor in Islamabad. She also hosts a show on Aaj TV "Paisa bolta hai" (money talks).