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China says international cooperation is imperative to restore peace in Afghanistan.

According to a report, published in the Global Times, China prefers to promote peace through international cooperation. Recently, it has increased its cooperation with Pakistan and other relevant countries to get resumed the stalled peace talks.

China has cooperated with the US to train Afghan diplomats, pushed Pakistan to release a joint statement in July with China, Russia and the US on Afghan peace process, and supported the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in boosting cooperation with Afghanistan.

According to the report, Afghanistan's peace is in line with China's national interests. But if the peace process reverses, China has the ability to control Afghan armed conflicts within a limit.

For this purpose, China has strengthened its military and technological cooperation with Pakistan to address regional defense weaknesses.

China has also introduced artificial intelligence, facial recognition, unmanned aerial vehicles and other high technologies to border area management, improving the ability to respond to potential threats.

Generally, collaborative governance is of great importance to promote peace in Afghanistan. In particular, the report added, China and the US should make use of their own advantages to strengthen cooperation in the Afghan peace process.

This not only benefits Afghanistan's peace, but also is in line with the interests of both China and the US.

In the study of internal armed conflict management, collaborative governance among major powers is an important research topic.

It can reduce conflicts and help promote peace. Donald Trump administration's fetish for unilateralism failed to bring peace in Afghanistan, which again reaffirms how important collaborative governance is.

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