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Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser announced on Thursday that the Parliament will host a comprehensive debate on agriculture to boost up the agriculture growth in the county. Asad Qaiser was speaking at the 5th meeting of the Special Committee on Agricultural Products here at Parliament House. He emphatically stressed the need for connecting Pakistani farmers with the global markets and projection of the 'made in Pakistan' brand across the world.

He stated that Pakistan is a producer of best quality agricultural products; however, the lack of effective penetration in the global value chain precludes Pakistani farmers from higher productivity and profitability. He announced that the Special Committee on Agriculture Products is actively pursuing linkages with the global food outlets through partners and investors of international repute.

The representatives of the SGS and Swiss Consulting Private Limited presented a comprehensive plan for integrating Pakistani farmers in the global value chain. An international business development consultant on agricultural food supply chain from SGS Gevena Hans Peter Heus Peter briefed the committee on the successful implementation of the plan in China. The plan presented to the committee centered on leveraging a tech-driven connectivity of the Pakistani farmers with the global food chain. The committee was informed that the entire plan of e-commerce-based access to the global market would be based on data management and self-assessment system where farmers will have wider access to buyers of their choice. The system indicates reducing the exploitative role of middlemen.

He highlighted that previously the Pakistani farmers remained one of the most neglected segments in the policy and developmental priorities. He added that the Special Committee of the NA is committed to sustained endeavors to protect the rights of the farmers and enhance their profitability and productivity.

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