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Business Recorder op-ed writer Shabir Ahmed in his yesterday's article "A glass half full?" has explained the near-absence of education and health in the government policymaking. According to him, for example, "[the] Quaid advised spending one-fifth of our national resources on the education of the poor. We spend nothing like it. In the process, we have disincentivised education. You ask your car mechanic why his young son is working with him and not in school and he tells you "have you ever seen an uneducated person unemployed? All the unemployed are the educated ones"."

The above constitutes a sardonic comment on our successive governments' lack of focus on social sector. People rightly feel cynicism when rulers-civilian and military alike - make big promises. The common man therefore doesn't trust or respect the goodness of our ruling elite and its actions as he believes that this socio-political class is only interested in itself.

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