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Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) recognized the Digitally Augmented Data Analytics (DADA), as a jointly developed platform by the Digital Broadcast Pvt. Limited and BlueSynq Technologies as one of the most innovative technology platforms at the 16th PASHA ICT Awards. In this regard, the PASHA has shared the details here on Sunday. The Award was given as the runners-up in the category of Technology: Artificial Intelligence for Digitally Augmented Data Analytics for newsroom and narrative management.

DADA or the Digitally Augmented Data Analytics is a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that enables content developers to see, monitor, review and analyze online social interactions in real-time before they emerge as trends. The Digitally Augmented Data Analytics (DADA) system is an AI platform with machine learning capability that monitors and learns from social media interactions and internet trends of a broad spectrum of audiences.

DATA was conceived by Amir Jahangir, former CEO of Digital Broadcast Pvt. Limited and Mishal Pakistan and developed by the BlueSynq Technologies team. The platform works to enable newsroom to create content that is relevant, informative and current for viewers, considering their diverse interests, social behaviors, economic profiles, political affiliations and geographical proximities.

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