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"You know leaders must be people friendly."

"That's rather an inane comment - if they weren't people-friendly no one would vote for them."

"That's true in established democracies though there too it depends on the democratic system in place. If you recall Hillary Clinton got over a million votes more than Trump but lost, it was about the electoral college and..."

"Right, didn't we used to have an electoral college as well?"

"We did but our electoral college was kind of limited, 80,000 basic democrats could vote for Ayub Khan and they consisted of public representatives who served in Divisional, District, Tehsil or Union councils."

"Could they vote for anyone but Ayub Khan?"

"You can say what you want but the family remains in politics, his grandson has yet again negotiated an important portfolio ie Power and that means the family remains engaged with their constituents so I guess that proves your point leaders must be people friendly to get elected."

"Indeed, but to get a cabinet position after you have won a seat in the national or provincial assembly requires a blend of two spices."

"Where does spice come in?"

"Spices are the spice of life..."

"The proverb is variety is the spice of life."

"OK, but that ain't happening in our cabinet selection or politics."

"Have you heard the Kashmiri proverb - to put saffron in cooking sheep's paunch - which means wasting resources or talent..."

"I hate that dish; besides if you are trying to say what I think you are then I don't agree. I believe The Khan has put up a good case with respect to Indian atrocities in Kashmir given the constraints he faces..."

"I agree he has been as successful as he possibly could have been and OK we need to thank Modi as well but hey life is about taking advantage of situations and..."

"I would like to quote a Japanese proverb - the human tongue is like wasabi it's very powerful and should be used sparingly - and wasabi as you may know is super hot so I would simply advise The Khan to temper his anger...."

"You mean not talk of a possible confrontation between the two nuclear armed states?"

"Right, but he is simply warning Modi not to undertake yet another adventure."

"Fair enough."

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Anjum Ibrahim has a BA in Economics from Vassar College and an MSC from the London School of Economics. She has worked in a multilateral institution and has been associated with Business Recorder for a long time and currently holds the post of Resident Editor in Islamabad. She also hosts a show on Aaj TV "Paisa bolta hai" (money talks).