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"Sarmad Ali, Secretary General of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society has announced that APNS Awards for the period January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018 will take place in the month of August 2019 this year. He outlined the categories that constitute 24th APNS Advertising Awards and requested the advertising agencies and advertising practitioners to submit their entries for the following categories by July 25, 2019. Following categories constitute the 24th APNS Advertising Awards:

1. Business Performance Award

The awards will be awarded to agencies / MBHs that have placed the highest volume of business within APNS member publications.

a) Business Performance Award (Gold) Highest

b) Business Performance Award (Silver) 2nd Highest

c) Business Performance Award (Bronze) 3rd Highest

2. Special Business Awards

(Three awards)

These awards will be given to agencies / MBHs which have increased their business in terms of percentage over the last year in three categories of APNS member publications: (a) Periodicals (Magazines), (b) Regional dailies, (c) Metro B Dailies.

a) Special Business Award for Periodicals (Magazines)

To be eligible, agencies / MBHs should have placed business worth at least: 30 million rupees in magazines

b) Special Business Award for Regional Dailies

To be eligible, agencies / MBHs should have placed business worth at least: 50 million rupees in regional dailies (Daily newspapers having no edition from cities other than Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad / Rawalpindi)

c) Special Business Award for Metro B Dailies

To be eligible, agencies / MBHs should have placed business worth at least: 50 million rupees in Metro B dailies i.e. Daily newspapers published from one of the Metropolitan Centers i.e. Karachi - Lahore - Islamabad / Rawalpindi.

The term includes editions of these newspapers being brought out from other than Metropolitan Centers.

3. Client Performance Awards

Two awards for clients of accredited agencies / MBHs, one each for private and public sector organizations for the highest volume of business placed in APNS member publications. Entrants should send in their publication-wise statement of billing to prove the amount of their net business.

4. Creative Awards Categories

The awards will be given to agencies and their employees for the following categories:

*Best in Copy

*Best in Design

*Best Campaign

*Best Public Service Campaign

The entrants may send maximum three entries for each category. Overlapping of entries in the categories is permissible. One original tear-sheet and 5 composed copies of the entry along- with CD in Jpeg format must be provided for the contest.

The entrants are requested to send their entries latest by July 25, 2019 addressed to Shahab Zuberi, APNS Awards Committee, ST-1/E, Block-16, KDA Scheme No.36, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi. Ph: 34012491-3.

Rules & Regulations and Entry Form may be downloaded from the following link: downloads.php.-PR

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