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The drowned bodies of two picnickers belonging to Karachi were retrieved from the sea near Gadani beach and transferred to a government hospital in Gadani. Karachiites went to Gadani beach for a picnic. Muhammad Ibrahim Raza from Liaquatabad and Saeed Ahmed from Gulberg area of Karachi drowned there.

The bodies were retrieved from the sea and transferred to the local rural health centre. The bodies will be transported to Karachi for handing them over to the families. Gadani in Balochistan is situated adjacent to Karachi, a port city having a long coastline stretching from Port Qasim in the east to Cape Monze in the west.

Its 70 kilometres coastline has a number of beaches, including Paradise Point, Hawkes Bay, Sandspit, French Beach, Sunehra Beach, Mubarak village and Sea View (Clifton). Incidents of drowning are repeatedly reported. Among several other factors what makes Karachi's beaches so dangerous is said to be their undeveloped topography.

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