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Abacus, a consulting firm, in partnership with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) will kick off its first leadership training programme this month. "Abacus' target audience is all executive level positions who will become leaders of tomorrow", said Fatima Asad Said, Regional Director of Human Capital Excellence in Abacus.

"The programme is available to different organizations working in different industries, including corporate sector, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, services sector specifically and also the public sector. For this leadership programme," she said while during an interview with the Business Recorder here on Monday.

Abacus is a leading consulting and technology firm in Pakistan that provide business solutions to a diverse portfolio of enterprises, offering capabilities and a capacity to build customizable, strategic and insight-driven solutions.

Elaborating on the programme, Fatima averred that Abacus plans to conduct at least 8 to 12 workshops in the next six months of launching this flagship project, which is very ambitious but it's doable.

She also said that there will be two phases of this programme: training executives in Pakistan for capacity-building; and take this training programme to other countries. "Whenever Abacus brings something new, such as this partnership with CCL, it launches its programmes from Pakistan as flagship programmes and then takes them to other countries to build a positive image of Pakistan globally," she added.

According to her, the journey of these trainings begins from the assessment of the organization that how well everything is documented and then what kind of training would be suitable based on that assessment. The assessments help acquire data to analyze the competency level of the organization and then devising a suitable training plan that could be used to further help the client to become better able to see things through and give proper direction to the organization.

"The whole intent of the programme is to add value to clients' business and continuously making efforts to improve an ongoing process," she added. Talking about Nutshell Forum's third edition of Leaders in Islamabad Summit, she said that it is a two-day event where leading business leaders from the globe and Pakistan, and ministers will gather to share their ideas to address leadership and business concerns.

According to her, over the years Nutshell Forum has developed strength and capability to and also the network to hold such a huge summit and gather not just national but also the international leaders at one place. At this summit, the leaders from different industries and with diverse backgrounds will gather under one roof, and it will also provide an opportunity for the country to showcase its talent to international community.

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