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Chief of Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam (JUI-F), Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman on Saturday claimed that the original Pak-China trade corridor was his 'brainchild' that latter transformed into the present day CPEC. Speaking at Karachi Press Club's Meet-the-Press, he took away all the credits of fresh CPEC related deals between Pakistan and China from the PTI government, saying that the Chinese have already made a $ 45 billion investment into the corridor development.

"When I was a chairman of the foreign affairs committee way back 1995 so I visited China and expounded the idea of the economic corridor in a discussion with the Chinese officials," he said that the records of his meeting regarding the trade route in Pakistan are available. His speech also depicted a gloomy picture of Pakistan's present and future under the PTI government in term of foreign relations and economic growth.

He said that India is an arch rival of Pakistan but China, Afghanistan and Iran are also not happy with the country's foreign policy. Kashmir, he said, is no longer a primary feature of Pakistan's foreign policy, while the government is readying its plan to recognize Israel. Kashmir issue has now grown stagnant.

He warned that the recognizing Israel as an independent nation will make the country surrender the occupied Kashmir claim, saying that Pakistan's establishment unfortunately always supported the 'great game' execution in the region. And, recognition of Israel is one such its move. "After Israel recognition, you have to withdraw of the occupied Kashmir claim," he added.

Maulana Fazl also condemned the 'under repression; politics of the country, blaming the media for supporting the PTI in elections to form its government. He said the media should accept that it was wrong to support the idea that the PTI rule will bring about an economic revolution, as he was the one to oppose Imran Khan and his party for being incapable to govern the nation. "And time has proved I was right," he added.

He said that not only the journalists' community is faced with a killing economic repression but the entire country, as huge downsizing continues in trade and business sectors. Imran Khan claimed of providing public with houses and jobs but he rather razed millions of shelters and left a big number of people jobless. He said that the monarchy and dictatorial countries never permit free media as such a norm is the basics of democracies.

He called the NAB an instrument of 'revenge' against the politicians, saying that he always opposed the existing accountability law. He said that the foreign investment not taking place while the local businesses are faced with stagnation. Stock markets are giving a deserted look as investors are reluctant. He said that the government has become 'champion' of borrowings, as its loans reached Rs15 billion so far.

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