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The Karachi Port handled 107,649 tonnes of cargo comprising 54,898 tonnes of import cargo and 52,751 tonnes of export cargo including 3,263 loaded and empty containers during the last 24 hours ending at 0700 hours on Monday. The total import cargos of 54,898 tonnes comprised of 29,609 tonnes of containerised cargo; 244 tonnes of bulk cargo; 13,497 tonnes of DAP; 2,548 tonnes of soyabean seeds and 9,000 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargos of 52,751 tonnes comprised of 19,384 tonnes of containerised cargo; 200 tonnes of bulk cargo; 21,300 tonnes of clinkers; 1,467 tonnes of rice and 10,400 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo. As many as 3,263 containers comprising of 2,144 containers import and 1,119 containers export were handled during the last 24 hours on Monday.

The breakup of imported containers shows 732 of 20's and 594 of 40's loaded while 20 of 20's and 102 of 40's empty containers, whereas that of exported containers shows 464 of 20's and 216 40's loaded containers while 93 20's and 65 40's empty containers were handled during the business hours.

There were seven ships namely Europe, Palomar, MT Lahore, Analipsi Lady, Glovis Cardinal, Nordspring and Lumphini Park carrying containers, oil tankers, mogas, vehicle and general cargo respectively sailed out to sea during the reported period.

There were five vessels viz. Hyundai Loyalty, Diyala, Hua Lin Wan, Madredeus and Glovis Cardinal carrying containers, oil tanker, canola and vehicle respectively currently at the berths.

A cargo volume of 98,468 tonnes comprising 63,605 tonnes of import cargo and 34,863 tonnes of export cargo including 1,444 loaded and empty containers (TEUs) was handled at Port Qasim during the last 24 hours on Monday.

The total import cargo of 63,605 tonnes includes 11,886 tonnes of diesel oil; 9,300 tonnes of palm oil; 20,690 tonnes of coal; 7,065 tonnes of soyabean; 9,496 tonnes of chemical and 5,168 tonnes of containerised cargo. The total export cargo of 34,863 tonnes includes 12,595 tonnes of cement and 22,268 tonnes of containerised cargo. A total number of 1,444 containers comprising 272 containers import and 1,172 containers export were handled during the last 24 hours on Monday.

There were four ships namely CV Maersk Jalan, CV Maersk Salina, MT Al-Murwab and MT Gas Amazon carrying containers, LNG and LPG respectively sailed out to sea on Monday afternoon. A total number of nine vessels were currently occupied berths to load/offload containers, talecom powder, coal, soyabean seeds, LPG, LNG and palm oil respectively during the last 24 hours.

As many as ten ships namely MV Sita Zhou Shan, MV Vita Ocean, MV Navios Sale, MV CI Belle, MV SSI Triumph, MT Maria-III, MT ULCC Ibn Sina, MT Rita-M, MT Melati-4 and MT NCC Amal carrying soyabean seeds, coal, LPG, gasoil, diesel oil and palm oil respectively were at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim during the last 24 hours. There were four vessels viz. CV MSC Bilbao, MV CI Belle, MT Gas Esco and MT Glorious carrying containers, coal, LNG and diesel oil respectively expected to take berths at Qasim International Containers Terminal, Pakistan International Bulk Terminal, Engro Elengy Terminal and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively on Monday.

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