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Dom Pattinson in his youth discovered the raw urban art on the walls, unfolding stories of everyday people, objects and events while visiting Northern Ireland. And the urban art inspired him so much so that he developed his own unique style of art-making by combining fine art and urban art. A British artist Dom Pattinson acquired a BA Hons at the Winchester School of Art and an MA at the Glasgow School of Art to fulfil his passion for art. He began his career as a street artist. But after some time he took his graffiti art he used to do on the streets into a studio. Here he started creating meaningful art by blending his street art sense with printmaking and painting.

His artwork were amalgamation of printmaking, spray painting, collage and acrylics with strong black lines and pastel colour palette. Dom Pattinson tried to capture the essence of daily life in his imaginative recollection of people, things and animals in his art works at Sanat Gallery, Karachi. The artist revealed that his aim was to promote peace and hope through his works titled "Utopian Ideas".

His works seemed to be like a person's daily diary in which he describes everyday events that a person experience wile living life in a city. He created art in a hope to connect with people through his works at their own level. He also wanted to convey emotions and recollections of his childhood so that younger generation also connect themselves to his works.

His graffiti art experience helped him creating artworks by using quick-drying spray and stencils in his imagery. Experimentation with printmaking, stencilling, spray-painting, collage and acrylics help him to capture the moments of everyday life. His works were often comprised of repeated stencil patterns against white background having bold black and white images of his subjects balanced by using colourful palette.

His work evoked a sense of peace, hope and love among people. His work was also about acceptance of other people and being comfortable with other people perspectives. The global issues urged him to create his mix media artworks. He blended a street art style with a daring attitude which have a powerful message, thus creating a distinctive and personal art that were thought- provoking and sometimes personal. His work mirrors the street art design many may find so appealing.

The images of children, animals and weapons recur in his artworks. He used animals in his work as characters. He associated these characters with humans and than create a painting that represent a subjects which was affecting people now and than but unnoticed. He made people realize those problems and initiated dialogue.

He symbolically used images of children for their innocence. By using splashes of rainbow colours he tried to convey the message of peace among disparate things. These splashes of bright fluorescent colours also symbolize beauty in desperate times.

He used vivid colours amidst black and white surroundings, such as in zebras painting. In the painting titled 'Stand Proud, Stand Out' he has painted zebras, with their customary black and white stripes, but by introducing fluorescent greens and yellows in the stripes and making the animals wear glasses, he seems to be offering a different perspective on the monochrome animals. He wanted people to see that hope exists below the surface of seemingly dull things. He used his instinctive belief in painting which connects viewers to his work.

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