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An art exhibition by children with disabilities titled "Meri Dunya Ke Rang" at Sanat Gallery, Karachi filled colours in the lives of special children. Organised by NOWPDP, a disability inclusion initiative the exhibition showcased the expressions of emotions by children with disabilities and promote the use of art as a medium of therapy through this show.

This exhibition was conceptualized to give children with disabilities a voice, and included paintings from the pilot round of Art for Change, an art therapy project which helps children with disabilities express themselves and develop emotionally. The paintings looked simple but each and every stroke was a masterpiece of its own. Capturing simple but unique moments of their lives the paintings by these children make people eager and inspired also.

There was a world of innocence and purity in the form of colours in each painting. Viewers seemed to be connected with the beauty of colours. The colours shared dreams and desires of little children. The artworks showed how they see the world. Thus the paintings were the eyes of these children for the viewers who can peek into the secret world of these children through their artworks.

Therefore, it was a rear opportunity to see and feel the world through the eyes of these children. They paint their wishes and desires and let the colours speak for them. These colours may take shape or abstract in form but they were able to say what they wanted to say in very pleasant and colourful style. Their unique and charming art pieces touched the hearts of many and made many proud too.

Their natural brush strokes and the powerful lines say it all. They are full of energy they are full of life they are colourful. Their lively paintings showed strikingly bright and intense colours indicating high spirit and extremely clear vision of life. Their artworks were just like a lively little breeze. Let's discover their colourful world.

Hopefully the exhibition will play a vital role for these children in progressing in society. There is a dire need to promote art and craft as it inculcates a softer side of life in people as well as children. The exhibition was attended by individuals from all walks of life. Twenty paintings were presented to these guests for a silent auction, and the proceeds went into supporting art by and art therapy for children with disabilities. The exhibition is part of NOWPDP's initiative to give these children a platform and visibility in cultural avenues within the city.

It came to my knowledge during a conversation that the NOWPDP has reached every art gallery in the city to use their premises for this noble cause but nobody answered their request accept Sanat Gallery that not only replied positively but also contributed in this good cause by providing its premises voluntarily for this one-day exhibition.

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