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  • Jul 19th, 2017
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Civil works at the site of the Lahore Knowledge Park (LKP) is expected to begin shortly under which basic infrastructure will be constructed, said its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Zubair Iqbal Ghouri. He was discussing the project and its future plan during an informal chat with media representatives here on Tuesday.

He said that the Lahore Knowledge Park Company (LKPC) has been established as a separate corporate entity by the Government of the Punjab to strategize, plan, undertake and oversee the development of 4th generation knowledge and growth parks at suitable locales in the province. "Incorporated in October, 2014 as a not-for-profit, large-scale public sector company, registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 and wholly owned by the Higher Education Department, Government of Punjab, LKPC owns 852 acres of prime land on Bedian Road, Lahore - the site of Lahore Knowledge Park," he added.

The Lahore Knowledge Park-LKP is going to be the first 4th generation technology and growth park of Pakistan. It is aimed at creating synergies between academia, industry, and the government to drive a composite ecosystem of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. As a state-of-the-art development, LKP will host universities and educational institutes, research centres, innovation hubs, business services zone, green areas and a central zone to offer all the features of a modern lifestyle. The project is a high-tech development that embodies the vision of Chief Minister to make Punjab and by extension Pakistan, Asia's premier destination for the global knowledge economy. The Government of Punjab has allocated 852 acres of prime land valued at more than half a billion USD, adjacent to an upscale housing complex of Lahore, to host the first Technopolis of the country. Provincial government has also approved substantial funding for the complete infrastructure development and construction of buildings at the Lahore Knowledge Park.

"I have joined with a passion to make this iconic project deliver to its full potential. This is an initiative which has the future for our generations in store as its forthcoming benefits. If we deem to go in the comity of nations, we must nurture a knowledge economy. Lahore Knowledge Park is going to be a game changer in bringing knowledge and by extension economic prosperity to Pakistan. It is an intervention aimed at national development and we are fully geared to pursue it with full spirit and vigor to stand out as a knowledge economy in 21st century," Said Dr Zubair Iqbal Ghouri

He said the Lahore Knowledge Park is in advance level talks with a consortium of 3 Italian Universities which includes Politecnico di Torino, University of Bologna and Politecnico di Bari. As part of the proposed arrangement, Italian faculty will fetched to teach at the university, whereas local academicians will be inducted on later stages. Implementation plans are being reviewed by experts on a faster pace as the classes are expected to be initiated in fall 2018. Pak-Italy University will prove to be a paradigmatic step in the evolution of engineering sciences both at the educational as well as industrial fronts, he added.

LKPC will provide funding for the design, development and management of the university. The foreign varsity will be offering Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programs in the areas of Infrastructure & Civil Engineering, Power & Energy Engineering, Mechatronics / Industrial Engineering, Information & Communication Technology.

Proposal from Kings College Hospital, London to setup Kings College Hospital (KCH), Punjab is in advanced stages of review by the experts. Preliminary consensus has been established to develop of a teaching hospital in the first phase. As a plan, KCH at Lahore Knowledge Park Punjab will be offering medical degree programs and clinical training accredited by Royal College of Surgeons & King's College Hospital London. Detailed business planning will be leading to mutually acceptable contractual arrangements in the coming year.

There are vibrant prospects to host Karolinska Cancer Research Institute and Hospital at Lahore Knowledge Park. Currently, the company is in talks with the relevant team at Swedish facility to prepare a prospective partnership package which will consummate LKP's aim of public beneficiation and enabling R&D driven academic culture.

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