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  • Apr 24th, 2017
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Prices of essential food commodities have remained unchanged as no significant increase or change was witnessed during the preceding week as compared to previous week, according to survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday. A one-kilogram good quality rice is being sold at Rs.110 and Rs.120/- in retail market, while one-kilogram toota rice priced at Rs65 per kg, and big rice at Rs.50 per kg, the survey said.

Similarly, the survey revealed that rate of dal mash was also slightly increased from -Rs.170 per kg to Rs.180 per kg. Likewise, it was noticed that price of one-kilogram big kabali white channa has increased to Rs.190 from Rs.170 per kilogram.

According to the survey, Dal mansoor is being sold at Rs.100 per kilogram, dal channa at Rs.130 per kg, dal green and white lobiya are available at Rs.120 per kg, a good quality rich bean priced at Rs.140 per kilogram, while low quality being sold at Rs.120 per kg.

The survey witnessed that price of gram flour (baisen) has touched new peak as being sold at Rs.140 per kilogram against the rate of Rs.110 and Rs.100 per kg in the preceding week. It was noticed the price of one-kilogram sugar has remain unchanged as available at Rs.60 per kilogram.

The fruits being staple food are being available at high-rate in open market. Melon is being sold at Rs.50 per kilogram, strawberry at Rs.140 per kilogram, banana at Rs.60 and Rs.50 per kg.

The survey noticed that the prices of most of vegetable remained stable as no increase or change was recorded during the preceding week as compared to last week, as one-kilogram tomato is being sold at Rs.40 in retail market Similarly, garlic being sold at Rs.100 per kilogram, and Rs.200 per kg.

The survey further revealed that onion is being sold at Rs.40 per kilogram, while price of one-kilogram ginger has gone down at Rs.100 per kilogram from Rs.120 per kg. According to survey, capsicum is being available at Rs.40 per kg, which was selling at Rs.80 per kg a few days back, arvi being sold at Rs.70 per kg, peas at Rs.60 per kg, and potato being sold at Rs.30 per kilogram. Despite increasing temperature, cucumber and lemon are being sold at reasonable rates, as available at Rs.40 per kilogram, and Rs.80 per kg respectively.

The survey noticed that rates of chicken have gone down at Rs.159 per kg, from Rs.168 per kilogram in retail market. Similarly, the price of a dozen of eggs has also decreased to Rs.80 from Rs.100. it was witnessed that live good-weight chicken is being sold at Rs.300 while other being selling within range of Rs.250.

Butchers are openly defying the official rates, fixed by local administration, as meat is being sold at multi-rates in retail market. One-kilogram cow meat is being sold at Rs.340, Rs.300, Rs.250. while mutton being sold at Rs.720 and Rs.720 per kilogram, according to survey.

The fruits, which is staple food, are being available at high price, as one-kilogram golden apple being sold at Rs.200/- and while red color apple available within range of Rs.100 and Rs.80 per kilogram. Guava being sold at Rs.50 per kilogram, pomegranate being available at Rs.120 and Rs.100 per kilogram, a dozen of banana is being available at Rs.50 and Rs.40/- in retail market.

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