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At least six died in Karachi due to heat stroke on Saturday. First death was reported in Orangi Town near Qasba Turn where Yousuf 33 was first affected with the extreme heat and then he passed away. Another victim of heat stroke died at Lyari General Hospital while one became victim of heat stroke in Buffer Zone. On Saturday, the mercury rose since early morning. The residents of densely populated areas especially those lived in multi-storeyed apartments experienced the worst of the suffocation that had prevailed inside rooms.

Karachi is a widely spread mega city where millions lived in small 60 square feet to 120 square feet residential units. Majority of these are either low ventilated or do not have any such facility. Around 50 percent of Karachi's population lives in rental houses and the landlords do not spend on improvements or for creating facilities. This overall situation finally rests in extreme smothering suffocation and heat inside the houses where 50 percent of female population is on mercy of Karachi's sole power distribution company, the Karachi Electric, which did not stop shedding load even amid extreme heat wave.

Karachi Commissioner had urged upon the people to stay at home and the people had to stay home to avoid any stroke of heat outside their homes but the Commissioner or even the Sindh provincial government could not ensure uninterrupted electricity supply. It is feared that the death toll might rise till night as details on deaths remain six till filing this report.

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