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  • May 31st, 2014
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The Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi was established 23 years ago in 1991 by Mohammad Rizwan Zakai. The gallery over the years develops a reputation and standing among other prominent galleries in Pakistan.

The gallery promotes art and talented artists who are part of our culturally rich society. The gallery arranges exhibitions of established and young emerging contemporary painters and sculptors of Pakistan including drawings, landscape paintings, calligraphies and figurative works.

A group exhibition of the artworks of 50 artists from different provinces of Pakistan at Clifton Art Gallery was organized to celebrate the re-launch of the gallery at a new place. The guests can experience pleasure of witnessing the artworks of selected artists from across the country including legendary artists of Pakistan. The occasion was graced by many celebrated artists of our country other than art enthusiasts, art critics and writers.

It is the finest gallery, I have visited the likes in Dubai. The glowing daylight fills the gallery with radiance adding an element of energy. The new large, re-structured gallery was filled with fascinating ideas presented in the form of drawings, paintings and sculptures.

The gallery has plans to launch a series of lectures on art and workshops other than solo and group exhibitions in future. The gallery's aim is to give a chance to the young people to gain knowledge and understand more about Visual Art and to introduce legends of art to the younger generation.

To celebrate the opening of a new gallery a catalogue is also published which provides detailed information about the art gallery's journey in Karachi. It also shares specific description of selected artist's work and paintings photographs. The catalogue also shares some of the Clifton Art Gallery's past events.

The exhibition includes master as well as contemporary artists: Sadequain, Gulgee, Saeed Akhtar, Colin David, Ahmed Parvez, Bashir Mirza, Ghulam Rasul, Iqbal Hussain, Mashkoor Raza, Ahmed Khan, Bashir Ahmed, Khalid Saeed Butt, Tasaduq Sohail, Wahab Jaffer, Nahid Raza, Rabia Zuberi and many more.

Gulgee's creative artwork at the exhibition is a fuse between two cultures that is Islamic calligraphy and abstract expressionism, his brush strokes blends both modes in such a way that the painting becomes a masterpiece.

Rabia Zuberi is a leading sculptor of Pakistan and she has been active since early 60s when there were few others in the field. She is a socially conscious artist, who is acutely aware of the happenings around her especially the tragedies and the sculptor at the exhibition also reflects the same.

She has been recognized many a times abroad as Pakistan's first lady of three dimensions. Her works - sculptures, paintings and drawings - reflects her philosophy of love, tolerance and confidence. Her sculptures and paintings are the essence of her soul. Her ideas and feelings have taken concrete shape in the form of sculptures and paintings.

Tassaduq Sohail's signature work in rich colours and soothing textures with the blend of imagination and realism showcases at the gallery. The amalgam of modernity and symbolism provides a beautiful synthesis of creativity exuding chromatic and enharmonic notes to his artworks.

Concealing the truth hidden in his canvases with in decorative figures his paintings are an informal letter revealing distinctive elements, feelings and atmosphere to the viewers. The characteristic features of his paintings give a hint of dissatisfaction and satisfaction at the same time.

His canvases show humans side by side wild animals. These animals are actually the inner-beasts of people which are loose in his paintings.

The works of Iqbal Hussain at the exhibition perpetuates people in paintings that belong to Lahore's Old Walled City - the courtesans, dancers and musicians. He did his work in faith and hope, showing his insights into the darkness, shadow, despair, desolation and the no-exit life situations.

He represents multifaceted life of people especially women of his community. The portraits of women and young girls he has painted over the years reflect the private lives of women living in quarters of Heera Mandi, thus documenting another way of life.

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