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Scientific findings has proved that about 90 percent of diseases are psychosomatic and mainly caused by stress.

Professor Dr Moiz Hussain, stated this while speaking at a presentation on "Stress Management: Stretch to Unstress," organised by Ko-Ordination Group recently.

Professor Moiz said that the stress is neither positive nor negative, but its management is essential. Stress can be positive if it is not prolonged and properly controlled. Prolonged stress can harm the human health, he opined.

Stress has many forms; it can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, Professor Moiz said, adding that psychosomatic illness like heart ailments, stomach disorders, hypertension, ache and pains, poor memory and weak concentration, irritability, anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, frustration and even cancers are mainly caused by stress.

Every night four million new prescriptions are written for anti-depressants, tranquillisers all over the world, he added.

Stress can cause low performance and decrease productivity in professional life, conflicts and dissatisfaction in personal life.

Explaining causes of the stress, Professor Moiz Hussain said that the work, marital disputes, money worries, lack of time for our children and loneliness are the main reasons.

He explained how to control the stress, "Try to breathe deeply when you feel stress."

Moreover, a healthy life, doing exercises, giving time to self and proper sleep are anti-stress steps.

He said, "Do not suffer in silence; always talk about your problems with someone else; keep your social ties alive; offer regular prayers and relaxation, visualisation and meditation are some ways to manage stress."

He said that stress is known as an invisible killer and the most affected organ from stress is human heart.

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