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Head of Research at Business Recorder

Established Business Recorder Research in May 2009, an independent analyst wing of the premier financial daily of Pakistan, Business Recorder.

As the founding head of this department, I have guided research and analysis of various sectors of the economy; from corporate earnings and performance of companies, to macroeconomic occurrences and challenges.

Leading team BR Research, I have amalgamated responses from key stakeholders from the private sector, elected representatives, civil bureaucracy and independent experts on issues such as employment generation, addressing the country’s energy challenges, spurring economic growth and boosting the competitive of Pakistani companies in international markets.

I have been involved in raising awareness and spurring debate regarding these and other pressing national issues. Moreover, my team is also actively engaged in critically evaluating the performance of the financial sector, telecommunications sector, fertilizer sector, energy sector and other major sectors of the economy.

Writer of article series : Elections Outlook