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  • Aug 23rd, 2016
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People who are connected with the auto industry know well about him. He is one person who has always been held in high esteem amongst the automobile manufacturers, assemblers, importers, dealers and retailers in Pakistan. He is known and acclaimed to be the man behind the success story of Dewan Automobiles' Star Motorcycles & Star Truck.

He is the man who is responsible to present to the Pakistani commuters a motorcycle at a price, which no one earlier even thought about. He is also the crusher of the price enigma that reigned the motorcycle market of Pakistan for more than two decades and last but not the least he is the man who broke the monopoly of two giant motorcycle manufacturers virtually making them take a price tag U-turn. As stated by our team,

Anwar Iqbal is as well known within the Chinese auto sector as in Pakistan, because according to the reports collected by our team, it is very well endorsed in China that he has been the key figure to forge ahead very close business relations among the auto industries of China and Pakistan. Even he introduced, first time Chinese trucks in Srilankan Market about fifteen years back.

Now with his joining forces with the newly established Khalid Mushtaq Motors (Pvt) Ltd as Chief Operating Officer. Khalid Mushtaq Motors (Pvt) Ltd is developing his first automobile assembly plant in Nooriabad Industrial Estate. The plant is an state of art and is designed by Chinese experts. Let the commuters look forward to some news breaking events in the 4-wheeler sector, something he has yet to come forward with.

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