Thursday, September 21st, 2017
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"Visionaries in the old days were usually blind."

"And so?"

"I was reminded of the old world visionaries when I saw the new age visionary."

"Who the devil do you mean?"

"We reside in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and we do not use some words that may be misconstrued and the devil is one such word, dog, to some, is another and the reason why I used the word "some" is because considering dog as a taboo marks the poor from the rich..."

"And I thought income differential marked the poor from the rich."

"Don't be facetious; anyway, the new age visionary I was referring to is Ahsan Iqbal, and no one doubts his status as a full blown visionary given his Visions - first 2010 and now 2025..."

"But you do realize that Vision 2010 and Vision 2025 were Iqbal's brainchild or shall we say brain children when he was the Planning Minister. Now, how in the world is he going to ensure the implementation of these Visions when he is the Interior Minister?"

"I am surprised you didn't say the more obvious: that his Visions require his party to be in power for two to three terms and this seems a bit unrealistic given the PML-N's struggle to complete one tenure leave alone three."

"OK, but visionaries of old were forecasters' while Iqbal is a visionary setting ever challenging targets and..."

"And he is certainly not blind in spite of his absolute lack of experience in the portfolio selected for him by the real Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and..."

"But the dark glasses he was wearing in Karachi made him look as if he was blind".

"What rubbish...did you see any guide dog leading him, you know they are trained to lead the blind and..."

"There you go using the word dog again. I haven't seen any guide dogs in use by our blind."

"Maybe we can train some other about a tiger?"

"Tigers as the First Family's antics show cannot be trained - they are free spirits and no laws apply to them and they can hurl poisoned darts at their prey - for example the First Daughter accusing Imran Khan of attending a wedding in London while people in Khyber Pukhtookhwa are dying of dengue but its OK for her to politick in Lahore while her mother is fighting cancer..."

"Hmmm, speaking of what animal can lead the blind in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan how about a...a..."

"I can't think of another animal as well.... but anyway I just wanted to say that Iqbal should look closely at some of the dark glasses worn by the Zardis - you know Gilani and Sherry Rehman and many others buy expensive glasses which enhances their looks while Iqbal was wearing one which made him look as if he was blind as a bat."

"There you have it: why not train bats to guide our blind and..."

"Don't be facetious."

the author