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Number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan reached 42.998 million by end-July 2017 against 42.084 million by June 2017, said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The number of mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 139.781 million by end-July 2017 compared to 139.758 million by end of June, which registered an increase of 23,638 users during the period under review.

Jazz's total count for 3G users stood at 12.533 million by end-July 2017 compared to 12.443 million by end-June which registered an increase of 89931 subscribers. Jazz 4G user numbers jumped from 937,209 by end-June 2017 to 953,743 by end-July.

Zong 3G subscribers increased to 8.686 million by end-July compared to 8.640 million by end-June 2017, while the number of 4G users jumped from 4,041,766 by end-June to 4,418,333 by end-June. The number of 3G users of Telenor network also increased from 10.453 million by end-June 2017 to 10.531 million by end-July 2017. Like others, the number of 4G users jumped from 607,013 by end-June 2017 to 724157 by end-July 2017.

Ufone added 190,264 3G users on its network during the month of July as the number of total users reached 5.150 million against 4.960 million at the end of June 2017. Teledensity for cellular mobile reached 72.41 percent and broadband subscribers reached 45,500,756 by end-July as compared to 44,586,733 by end-June 2017.

The PTA received 10,237 complaints from telecom consumers against different telecom operators during April-June 2017. Cellular mobile subscribers constitute major part of overall telecom subscriber base; therefore, maximum number of complaints belongs to this segment. Total number of complaints against CMOs during April-June 2017 stood at 7,002.

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