Sunday, September 24th, 2017
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Pakistan Carpet Manufacturer and Exporters Association (PCMEA) has demanded of the government to end condition for increasing export in specific time. Speaking at a meeting on Friday Senior Vice Chairman PCMEA, Riaz Ahmed said that the carpet sector cannot increase its production by 10 percent in six months for achieving rebate of six percent, therefore, the government should negotiate to resolve the problem.

He said cottage industry could not prepare carpet even in six months, how can it fulfil the announcement of the government. It may be noted that the government announced new initiative to control dwindling exports of the country. The new initiative committed to provide exporters of five sectors unconditional cash support in the first six months of its announcement, to June 2017, he said. But the exporters will be required to grow their export proceeds by 10pc to become eligible for the rebate during the next fiscal year (July 2017/June 2018), he added.

He asked the government to call all parties stakeholders conference to address the plights of the industry. He informed the participants of the meeting about the preparations of the 35th International Carpet Exhibition, scheduled to be held in Lahore from 5-7 October this year. He further said a positive response and cooperation from national institutions is very important to make the exhibition a success.

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