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"It's so sad."

"I agree, I mean Shahbaz Sharif has rendered lifetime service to his brother and I ask you why is he being made to pay the ultimate price: to back down in favour of a recent ambitious niece who is implicated in some very serious..."

"Shahbaz Sharif is paying the price for choosing the wrong clothes".

"Excuse me?"

"Have you ever seen him dressed in local clothes? Or a local cap/hat?"

"What would you have him do? Wear shalwar kameez with a waistcoat and a MF on his head instead of a safari suit with a Panama hat?"

"MF? Besides he doesn't wear a Panama hat? If you can understand my being figurative (not literal) others in his family wear that particular hat!"

"Ah, that's what got Shahbaz into trouble in the first place. I mean not defending his brother and kids in the Panama case and then denying to the Joint Investigation Team..."

"I think it's the clothes. Oh, MF means Maulana Fazlur Rehman head gear."

"Shahbaz Sharif would never ever wear..."

"And that is why he is paying the ultimate price."

"You are being facetious; anyway that's not why I was sad..."

"If you are going to say that attendance at the Islamabad to Lahore rally was not good then you are wrong - it picked up later but I would suggest a revisit of some of the favours granted to PML-N loyalists including Hanif Abbasi and the high melting point M&M - they were all slow in delivery and..."

"Under what? Article 62 (1) (f)? Few of them were elected, they are kind of selected people by the former First Daughter ... Anyway that's not why I was sad".

"So why? Because looking at Mian sahib deliver his speech sitting in the container protected by bullet proof glass reminded me of Tahirul Qadri and..."

"Look at the glass as half full. Mian sahib broke the tradition of containers being used only by opposition leaders."

"You are being facetious but that's not why I was sad either. I was sad because the man who Mian sahib tried to make something of, was not in attendance the first day of the rally; instead he was busy getting himself in the news thereby taking away the focus from Mian Sahib's rally by having himself elected unopposed and I am referring to the Man Who Shall Remain Nameless."

"Nameless or Shameless?"

"Good one. I mean how could he have coincided his re-election the same day as his benefactor Mian sahib's historic rally."

"Maybe he will attend the second day of the rally?"

"Nope, he is gone off to Sri Lanka."

"I plead with the former but the current real prime minister to revisit his decision on the cricket board elections and I believe..."

"Mian sahib doesn't like to reverse any of his decisions so you might as well shut up!"

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