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Companies do not send intimation in respect of dividend warrants forwarded by them for credit to bank accounts of the shareholders. At least I am not hearing anything on the subject from any company. Bank do not notify receipt and credit of dividend warrant money to clients' accounts ie this information, the client does not have. It is only privileged few customers who may visit the Bank to have the information and have the information.

Entries for credit of the amount of dividends in the bank statements do not indicate that the relevant credit account was: (a) in respect of what? (b) remitted by whom? Shareholders do not receive financial statements of the investee companies. It is a big issue for persons like me who are not computer literate. Not having the information, how does one have figures for income tax return filing? SECP should have a solution in relation to people like me facing the identified problems. Will the SECP please extend a helping hand?

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