Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
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Reference the report published in a leading English daily of July 13, 2017 under the caption "Saeed ran nursing home before getting SBP, NBP posts: Dar". This is very dismal state of affairs under which the country is being run. The results of which are before us. For similar posts, the State Bank of Pakistan has very stringent criteria of "Fit & proper test" but does it not apply for their own organisation which is a monetary regulator?

Had the SBP carried out "fit & proper test" when Saeed was appointed its Deputy Governor and later on as President NBP which is not only a leading bank of the country but also a public limited company. If it was not done, it is highly deplorable. This is the way our national institutions are being ruined, list of privatization programme is witnessed to it besides the massive fraud committed in NBP Bangladesh at the cost of public. I will request the SBP to clear public's doubts on their fairness and competence. Close functionary of the Prime Minister, Dar's such actions are also disappointing.

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