Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017
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"Will Trump meet Mian sahib or wouldn't he!"

"I am not sure how long Trump's attention span with respect to issues that do not directly relate to his business interest or his family members is and so the outcome of any meeting is hardly likely to be longer than...than..."

"Than it takes for Robert Mueller, the retired FBI chief who has been tasked to investigate the Trump campaign connection to Russia, to say anything that Trump doesn't like. Mind there is little that Trump likes about the way the intelligence community has treated him so far and..."

"Hmmm, but the ubiquitous US intelligence is looking more and more like our intelligence agencies - giving a tough time to the chief executive, an elected chief executive who surely has some personal interests and let's be fair we all prioritise our personal interests......"

"Right, so what's the moral of the story?"

"Well, put it simply there is no morality in politics, which ever country's politics you may use as an example, however, there can be a lesson learned."

"What? That industrialists/businessmen not be eligible to stand for general elections for the post of chief executive?"

"That's discriminatory and the much used Zahid Hamid will shoot down any such constitutional amendment and..."

"Much used?"

"Well, he has served under many masters - he was with Mian sahib and then the man Mian sahib never forgave, Chaudhry Shujaat, and then back to Mian sahib and..."

"That's the norm in our politics and he is not an exception."

"So how do we guard against industrialists/businessmen prioritising their own interests over that of the nation?"

"Simple, Trump needs to be made aware of the way Mian sahib tackled the Panama case and the Dawn leaks and take a leaf from..."

"That would take time - the two would need to meet for at least half an hour so where can they meet?"

"Trump plays golf but Mian sahib is not a player, Mian sahib loves Pakistani food and there is no indication that Trump likes our food...I am not sure if the two have anything in common..."

"They both love their daughters and support their daughters' business interests."

"So they meet at Ivanka's fashion outlet? But Ivanka does not design Muslim clothes and I can't see Kulsoom Nawaz buying one of her dresses...ah yes that leaves offshore accounts and taxes paid..."

"That is a boring topic for businessmen turn chief executives."

"Don't be facetious."

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