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"You know who Adnan Sami reminds me of?"

"The guy who abandoned our nationality, and opted for Indian nationality... regarded as a traitor by many..."

"It's OK to get any other nationality but Indian?"

"Right, and incidentally with the Panama verdict out yesterday, you are perhaps the only Pakistani national talking of another subject."

"I like to be contrary anyway those who emigrate by and large do so for economic reasons and need I add Adnan Sami makes quite a bit in India and so opted for the Indian nationality."

"OK, the logic is there but then we have so many singers, actors and actresses who work in Indian films now with Pakistani passports."

"Yes, but Sami predates all of them."

"Anyway, when I said he reminded me of someone I wasn't referring to his abandoning Pakistani nationality in favour of an Indian nationality I was referring to his features, his face."

"Before or after the surgery that took off maunds of fat from all over."


"A unit of weight in our part of the world, not used for humans; for example a maund of wheat or..."

"I get it, so that was a facetious comment."

"Indeed, but anyway you want to take a guess as to who Sami reminds me of?"

"But you didn't tell me whether Sami reminds you of someone before or after the surgery?"

"Hey, it's the features..."

"No my dear friend - features in a fat face are kind of spread out and in a slim face they are more defined."

"I know many who started off with slim faces and as they grew older they became kind of fat."

"Yes and an example that did not go through this process is Imran Khan but the guy runs every day and God knows the exercises..."

"Stop changing the subject. Anyway Sami reminds me of Hussain Nawaz and..."


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Anjum Ibrahim has a BA in Economics from Vassar College and an MSC from the London School of Economics. She has worked in a multilateral institution and has been associated with Business Recorder for a long time and currently holds the post of Resident Editor in Islamabad. She also hosts a show on Aaj TV "Paisa bolta hai" (money talks).