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"I declare today as Panama Day and it should be declared a holiday. And before you ask why, let me inform you that today the Supreme Court of Pakistan is going to release the verdict on the wealth acquired by the Prime Minister's three children..."

"Sad that, isn't it? I mean, in a country where entrepreneurship is not appreciated..."

"Don't be facetious. I am reminded of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears - papa bear, mama bear and baby bear and need I add the baby bear wanted the porridge at just the right temperature."

"Whatever do you mean? That it's the responsibility of the Bear parents to ensure that the baby was given the porridge at just the right temperature?"

"Indeed, except I would have had three baby bears..."

"Oh shush...did you know ours is the only country in the world whose Supreme Court took up the Panama case..."

"Yeah, yeah there was no avenue except the courts."

"Anyway, the verdict is to be announced at 2pm today and shouldn't we wait for the verdict and see whether there is to be rejoicing or depression..."

"That's rather a silly comment to make in this country. The media will be inundated with widely different interpretations of the verdict."

"OK, but before declaring 20 April as Panama Day and announcing a holiday on that day you first need to determine whether the verdict would stop future entrepreneurship of our First Families..."

"Why? We celebrate Kashmir day and you and I both know that Kashmir remains shackled under Indian rule and atrocities!"

"OK, then you need to tell the people where Panama is actually located?"

"Why? Those who do not know where Panama is are unlikely to ever employ the services available in that country."

"That's true."

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