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"They gotta behave."

"I don't know who you are referring to but I agree a hundred percent. My mother-in-law has been misbehaving from day one I tell you, and then there is this woman who lives across the hall from me, a colleague who misbehaves off and on and between you and me its more on then off..."

"Hey, hold your horses. I wasn't referring to someone I know, I was referring to Trump telling the North Korean leader that he has gotta behave..."

"Ha ha, well I have two things to say to that, my friend, first Trumps' horses are not holdable if you know what I mean..."

"Twitter is holdable by definition because anything that requires writing can be revisited before sending if you know what I mean. Once you say something orally it is difficult to recall...for example the United States mantra to Pakistan to do-more is always delivered verbally, ongoing by the way after McMaster, the US General's visit to our army chief and our civilian chief..."

"Please I need to cut you short here. First, do not, I repeat do not underestimate our Prime Minister and Trump's similarities: no I am not referring to both being businessmen, both investing abroad, both liking nice houses though Mar-a-Lago is more posh than Raiwind, what I meant was that the two men are focused on good behaviour of others and perhaps they need to revisit some of their own actions; and second Trump's decision to send the armada if you will to Korea, displaying the might of the United States, prompted Russia and China to send their spy vessels to shadow it as per Japanese media reports, so checkmate."

"I take strong exception to that statement."

"It's true the Russians and the Chinese have checkmated and besides if you are referring to the commonalities between the two let me inform you that Trump and our prime Minister are the only two who have congratulated Turkey's Erdogan for winning the referendum..."

"Who cares! I just wanted to say that Mian sahib's Raiwind is just as posh as Mar a Lago and after the flyover bridge that is going to be constructed by the Punjab government..."

"Are you being facetious?"

"No, besides Trump does not, I repeat, does not play chess... so you can put your checkmate in your pipe and smoke it. He is the leader of the free world, isn't that the expression and his power is not defined by good or bad behaviour..."

"So what does he play?"

"Ludo I hear... and the dice are carefully selected and..."

"You are being facetious."

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