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Chairperson, Sindh Board of Investment, Naheed Memon has underlined the need to chalk out a roadmap to accord status of the professional industry to all professional services especially finance and accounts. In a meeting with a delegation of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Pakistan, in her office here on Tuesday, SBI Chairperson urged them to come up with a guide book identifying the sectors where there was good room to set-up outsourcing centres.

She stressed that the talent available in the country and code of conduct should also be given in the book. Such information would help convince federal and provincial governments to make their policies, accordingly. Sohail Saleem, country head of ACCA, was leading the delegation who informed the SBI Chief that Philippine was earning a lot of revenue from professional services and a separate ministry had been set up for call centres.

Similarly, Poland had ensured availability of jobs at the call centres for educated youth to the extent that jobs were surplus than total population. The delegates also told her that in Pakistan, there was a clear space, to establish outsource services centres for finance and accounting professional services. Eighteen thousand professional accountants were registered and another 7000 were getting this professional education in the country. Fifty percent of the country's population was under the age of 24 years. Thus, there were very much chances for success of these professional services outsourcing centres. These centres would provide jobs and revenue; the visiting accountants said. SBI Chairperson said that besides compiling a guide book, there should be more interaction between professional experts from different services and government organisations.

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