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Punjab government has taken major initiatives for FY 2016-17 and set up a special Rs 200 million Population Innovation Fund in addition to Rs 200 million Population Welfare Programme. Government officials told Business Recorder that the objective of the Fund is to expand the coverage and improve quality of family planning services for the citizens of Punjab especially in rural, poor and underserved areas.

The Fund will supplement the activities of Population Welfare department and Health department by financing innovative and result based programmes of public, non-government and private sector organisations for enhancing the coverage and access of Family Planning services. An amount of Rs 1,336 million (ADP: Rs 936 million & ODP: Rs 400 million) has been earmarked for Population Planning Sector in 2016-17 for implementation of 13 schemes sponsored by Population Welfare department with the involvement of private sector.

The provincial government has set following major goals for next financial year to minimise the challenges of the abnormal growth of the population in the province.

(1) Increase awareness of the adverse consequences of rapid population growth both at the national, provincial, district and community levels.

(2) Plan, organise and implement family planning, advocacy and service delivery activities through the Family Health Clinics, Mobile Service Units, Family Welfare Centres, Registered Medical Practitioners, Hakeems and Homoeopaths.

(3) Attain a reduction in fertility through improvement in access and quality of reproductive health services.

(4) Reduce population momentum through a delay in the first birth, changing spacing patterns and reduction in family size desires and increase contraceptive prevalence rate from 38 percent to 60 percent by 2020 and lower wanted family size from 3.0 to 2.5 by 2020 through an effective population communication and education programme focusing on small family size and its relationship with human welfare and environmental security.

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