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The Bangladesh is often cited as one of the eleven emerging economies of the world. Today, in respect of the global market share, we are number two in the world after China in the manufacture of ready-made garments and have reached the 20 million mark in textile industry.

Among other industries, coming up fast in Bangladesh are ceramic, tableware, leather products, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, information technology, software development and fresh organic agricultural products. This was stated by the Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Ruhul Alam Siddique, at the grand dinner reception hosted by him and his wife Mrs Sarah Siddika to celebrate the 42nd National Day of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Nisar Khuhro, Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, was the Chief Guest. The Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh welcomed the Chief Guest and, addressing the gathering, said: "Bangladesh-Pakistan bilateral relations are unique one strongly bonded by common historical background, cultural traditions and values....... I am very happy to share with you that, according to 'Pakistan Micro Finance Review 2011 of the Pakistan Micro Finance Network', the subsidiaries of the two biggest Bangladeshi NGOs, ASA Pakistan Ltd and BRAC Pakistan Ltd, have been working in Pakistan in the micro-finance and other social development sectors covering over 50 percent of micro credit of Pakistan.

240,000 active borrowers out of 465,000 active borrowers in Pakistan are their beneficiaries. The BRAC Pakistan since 2008 has also been running free schools, which now number 400, in Sindh and in other parts of this country. There are many other areas where we can share our best practices and progress together." Speaking of the development of Bangladesh, he quoted the remarks of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, "Bangladesh has risen from great hardship to build a thriving economy, a vibrant civil society and a dynamic future top contributor of UN peacekeepers and a leading voice for least developing countries (LDCs) of the world."

He said Bangladesh has become a role model for the world having achieved remarkable progress in the last 42 years in the social development indices through micro-credit, which has been an effective instrument in fighting poverty and extremism, empowering women, as well as in disaster management and coping with the challenges posed by the global warming and climate change.-PR

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