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Foreign investors engaged with livestock and dairy sector, especially Turkish are keen for extending financial and technical assistance to the five-year plan designed by Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture University Peshawar.

The main purpose of the project was to upgrade livestock and dairy sector in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while the assistance would only be ensured by intervention of federal and provincial governments, said Faculty Dean, Dr Subhan Qureshi, while talking to this scribe here on Tuesday.

"We had developed a five-year plan with covering cost of Rs 200 million, put before the government of KP, to allocate funds in its Annual Development Programme in last fiscal year, but the proposal wasn't taken to under consideration for paucity of funds," he added.

Dr Qureshi informed that the Turkish investors were expected to extend Rs 80 million for the project, if the government formally approve the proposed five-year plan for development of livestock and dairy sector in KP. But, the amount would only be ensured by proper intervention of authorities at federal level, importantly government of KP. Dr Qureshi said, "We need seed money of Rs 10 million to initiate the project in the province, adding that would lead us to prepare the livestock sector in the province for meat export."

A total of 1,100 farmers were engaged only in the Peri urban areas of Mardan, with livestock and dairy sector, Dr Qureshi informed. By the execution of the project, he said the existing production of livestock and dairy would further improve in the province. "The existing under-utilised farms and profit/health status may be improved with 30 percent by adopting good livestock practices and applied research, while the cost per unit production will also be reduced benefiting the consumers," he expected. Through the project, he further explained that the livestock resources available in the province would be developed for supporting family income, self-employment of the graduates and for preparing it to enter into international market.

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