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"Hina Rabbani Khar says that relations with the US have been restored."

"That's not news, that happened some time back and need I remind the lady that the government had promised parliament that it would make the agreement public and half a year later we are still waiting for the release of that document."

"Well, need I remind you that you are a nobody and our parliamentarians have become involved with the next elections so they are no longer focused on this!"

"Where did she make this statement?"

"To a foreign news agency."

"And that was because?"

"Well, I am not sure other than to theorise that her target audience was the West and not Pakistan and..."

"Hey, most Pakistani media outlets do subscribe to Reuters."

"Well, there goes that theory of mine but why didn't she give the interview to Associated Press of Pakistan and Reuters would have picked up on that."

"Please do not compare her with Dr Hafeez Sheikh who is particularly reticent about interviews to the local media other than the Kaira controlled outlets."

"Man you can't let that guy go! Yes his policies are flawed but the fact remains that it is the politicians who do not let him implement reforms."

"So why doesn't he restrict his entry into the cabinet when there is a dictatorship..."

"Two things, there are political pressures even during a dictatorship and two who in his right mind would refuse to become the Finance Minister of Pakistan. I mean can you imagine what that would do to a CV."

"Don't be facetious anyway the reason why I mentioned Khar was her continued enmity with Dasti sahib."

"She has not said one single thing against him."

"Maybe because she is educated in the US while Dasti sahib is locally educated."

"Don't be facetious you know well enough that I was referring to the different, markedly different, level of engagement between the two."

"Given the inclination of Dasti's constituents to disregard the education level of their candidate Khar maybe out and out!"

"Maybe and still a PPP government may give her a ministry."

"Oh dear, that would anger Dasti sahib."

"I am sure Zardari sahib would deal with it effortlessly."

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