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"What's the difference between Mansoor Ejaz and Younus Habib?"

"Mansoor Ijaz speaks good English while Younus Habib seems to be struggling with Urdu as well."

"Don't be unfair. Habib is not well, is much older and..."

"I was being facetious. I know what is the difference between the two is!"


"One lives abroad and the other in the country..."

"You are in a facetious mood today!"

"OK one has a US passport and the other is a Pakistani."

"And one married locally and the other married an American."

"Not quite correct, Mansoor Ijaz married a local as far as he is concerned."

"Oh I see because he is an American citizen..."

"OK but in all seriousness now Mansoor Ijaz is to the PPP chairman what Habib is to the PML (N) chairman."

"Not quite accurate my friend - the PPP has the post of chairman but I don't think the PML (N) has that particular post. Secondly, Mansoor Ijaz is attacking the leadership of one party and Habib is attacking the leadership of the two major parties with MQM thrown in though he did back out there."

"Ah but Habib did not have dealings with the PML (N) the same year he had dealings with the PPP."

"So some honour amongst the unscrupulous if you will."

"Indeed and that brings me to their commonality, both Mansoor Ijaz and Younus Habib are susceptible to what I would term as challenges about their credibility based on their past actions and..."

"I disagree...I believe that there is considerable truth in what each of the two is saying..."

"OK but that's not fair. You agree that their characters are suspect and yet you believe what they are alleging is correct."

"Remember Julius Caesar, Brutus says its not that I loved Caesar less but that I loved Rome more."

"Ah I see, it's not that you trust Mansoor Ijaz/Younus Habib more just that you trust politicians even less."

"Precisely! Besides only the unscrupulous will be used by the unscrupulous."

"And we need to catch not only those who used these two unscrupulous men but also those who benefited from these two men."

"Ah yes, I know where you are going with this...but that may take another decade."

"I am willing to wait."

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