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The government has allocated Rs 294.986 billion as grants for financial year 2011-12, against Rs 227.168 billion of 2010-11, revised to Rs 299.975 billion by the end of the year. Some of these grants may be challenged in terms of priorities based on factors other than economics. The documents show that Rs 25 billion has been allocated as grant to Pakistan Railways to meet its losses, but nothing has bee allocated for AJK earthquake affectees.

However, AJK government will get Rs 15 billion, as grant, whereas Rs 8.164 billion will be given to Gilgit-Baltistan. The government has also allocated Rs 150 billion for contingent liabilities, without clarifying precisely who will be the recipient. In 2010-11 budget, the government had allocated Rs 110 billion for this purpose, which was revised upward to Rs 141.686 billion.

The amount for the national internship program has been slashed to Rs 700 million, against Rs 3.6 billion earmarked in the budget for 2010-11, revised downward to Rs 2.928 billion. The documents further show that the government has allocated Rs 1 billion for remission of ZTBL loans, despite the fact that the Supreme Court is already hearing loans write-off cases.

The House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) will receive a grant of Rs 1 billion, for which no justification has been provided in the budget documents. The government has allocated Rs 10 million NBP administration fee and PED expenses, etc, but no amount has been allocated for remission of agri loans to farmers belonging to Bajaur, Swat and Buner.

Allocation for reimbursement of TT charges in home remittances is Rs 2.357 billion. In the current year, no amount was allocated for this purpose in the budget, but a sum of Rs 2.485 billion was released during the year.

Documents show that a Rs 815 million grant was released for Pakistan remittances initiatives against Rs 742 million allocated in the revised budget figures. It is unclear if this amount did provide the impetus for a rise in remittances.

Rs 110.310 billion will be given to provinces as special grants. Of this, Punjab will get Rs 5.166 billion, Sindh Rs 7.970 billion, KP Rs 25 billion and Balochistan Rs 16.744 billion.

PIA will also not get a single penny for repair and maintenance of VVIP aircraft. This year, Rs 1 billion had been allocated for this purpose but releases were zero. Huge grant of Rs 2.4 billion has been allocated for lump provision of relief against Rs 2.485 billion in the ongoing financial year. Rs 30 billion has been earmarked for miscellaneous grants against Rs 20 billion projected in 2010-11 but later on revised to Rs 30 billion.

Grants to provinces for emergency relief, GoP contribution to President's Rozgar Scheme will be only Rs 9 million against Rs 16.921 billion allocated in the revised budget. Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) will get Rs 200 million as grant against Rs 110 million given in 2010-11 in the revised budget because regulatory bodies like SECP, Ogra and Nepra are not paying due share to the CCP.

Allocation of Rs 800 million has also been made to purchase shareholding of private banks in First Women Bank (FWB). Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan will get a grant of Rs 2 million, whereas Rs 2 billion has been allocated for Bait-ul-Maal.

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