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The National Assembly has passed Rs 903 billion Budget for 2004-05 and Rs 157,239.676 million Supplementary Grants 2003-04 on Thursday, three days ahead of schedule due to the blessings of boycott from the opposition.

Before that the House completed approval of 159 demands for the Budget 2004-05 totalling Rs 2.25 billion.

The cut motions submitted by the opposition were dropped and most of the demands clubbed by the Speaker Chaudhry Amir Hussain.

Finance Minister moved 99 supplementary grants, which were also passed in one go.

Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz, while talking to reporters after the proceedings, said that everything went according to plan and extra time was allocated for cut motions regarding nine ministries rather than the three ministries. Her also welcomed many points raised by opposition.

Shaukat Aziz said that entire reform process and the budget have full support from President Musharraf and Prime Minster Jamali.

The recommendation of the Senate had been incorporated in the Finance Bill 2004-05.

The budget was passed with the same outlay as was presented in the National Assembly on June 12 with Rs 202 billion on development spending, provincial share of Rs 239 billion showing 31.12 billion increase than previous year.

Out of total Rs 157.239 billion supplementary demands for grants and appropriations (adjustment in expenditures of the 2003-04), the supplementary grants in development expenditures are Rs 14.655 billion and Rs 142.584 billion in non-development expenditure.

The list of the supplementary grants (additional allocation made during the fiscal year 2003-04) and total thereafter is as follows:

Debt servicing has been given maximum supplementary due to Rs 87.285 billion for the prepayment, which had interest payments of Rs 3.263 billion and principal payment of Rs 62.345 billion.

Second highest increase is in defence ie Rs 20.59 billion, third highest is general administration standing at Rs 7.217 billion.


Suppl. Grant Total expend. after adding grants


General Administration Rs 7.217 billion Rs 65.002 billion

Defence Rs 20.59 billion Rs 180.386 billion

Law and order Rs 856.983 million Rs 10.303 billion

Community Services Rs 839.054 million Rs 6.22 billion

Social Services Rs 805.095 million Rs 12.445 billion

Economic Services Rs 1.055 billion Rs 3.855 billion

Subsidies Rs 1.55 billion Rs 59.67 billion

Debt Servicing Rs 87.285 Rs 196.051 billion


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